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Tong, general manager of the company was awarded the victory Shenyang Labor Medal



Recently, general manager of Tong victory was awarded Shenyang Labor Medal honorary title of Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions.

Tong took over as general manager of the company since its victory, positive overall planning, scientific decision-making, the company adjusting structure, promoting transformation and development, led the workers Dawn "three barriers" - market relations, and management off and moved off, to expand the market, grab the task, grasping management, promoting improvement, to create the domestic first-class special vehicles, military equipment R & D base for the goal, the company opened up a successful innovation development. In 2012 the two companies have made the work of a historic breakthrough. Tong victory at the 2012 annual meeting, said that in 2013 he will continue to make plans for the enterprise, strategic plan, a decision given direction, innovation management, vigorously implement the "225" management system, to make unremitting efforts towards Park billion industry!

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