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Technical Center won the Shenyang "Pioneer Workers" honorary title


3523 Technology Center

Shenyang won the "Pioneer Workers" honorary title


Recently, the company's technology center Jihua 3523 won the Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions 2012 "Worker (fifty-one) Pioneer," the honorary title.

Jihua 3523 the company's technology center is one of the company's core sectors. In 2012, the department completed research projects 10 series, more than 50 varieties, scientific research patent application 15, the company has created more than 10 million direct benefit. They united, concentrated on studying, focused to improve product design and production processes. At the same time, they actively participate "master with only" labor competition, it has overcome technical problems more than 20, the company and product innovation and technological progress have made outstanding contributions.

2012 The department developed the riot police get new car Jihua Group Technology Progress Award, photovoltaic solar water car to get emerging international Group Technology Progress Award.

After obtaining the honor they represent: the value of existing honor and create a better performance, will honor "Pioneer Workers" as the driving force, make an example in the unit and the industry for the development of the industrial park in Liaoning Jihua strive !


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