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Liaoning Jihua 3523 the company successfully passed the qualification of automobile production change


Recently, the automobile production qualification review mechanism changes in machine centers and Liaoning Province, four experts qualified audit inspection group changes, Liaoning Jihua 3523 the company conducted a three-day on-site inspection and audit qualifications change.

Jihua 3523 the company moved to Tieling, Liaoning special vehicle production base, due to the business name, address and other changes to the production, automobile production qualification need to be changed accordingly, if not timely completion of qualification changes will directly affect the company modified car factory. Based on this, the company chairman Guofu Jun, general manager of Tong victory attention. In late March 2013, the person in command by the victory Tong, general manager of the company, held a working meeting qualification thematic change, the establishment of the preparatory group of qualified acceptance of change, requiring departments to unconditionally cooperate fully qualified accelerate the change process. Special vehicle production base in Liaoning CMC for their support and the joint efforts of various departments of the company, which lasted two months, the company completed all the preparations for the change of qualification before the site inspection.

The entire audit process is very smooth, careful preparation and qualification changes hospitality of the preparatory group of experts has been affirmed audit, the company's product development capabilities, production capacity and business management skills, marketing, and service capabilities have been recognized auditing experts.

The closing meeting of the audit team leader qualification changes announced in Liaoning Jihua 3523 Qualification site inspection change unanimously, declared the resolution that the company officially put down roots in Tieling this fertile land into a new rapid development track.

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