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Li Mei Xia to Jihua 3506 company, Hubei Jihua knitting company research


Author: JIANG Hong Wan Tyurin INNER

May 15, the company deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee, trade union chairman Li Mei Xia and his party to the 3506 International Chinese company, Hubei Jihua Knitting Co. research.
Li secretary personally to 3506 apparel companies and textile business division under the workshop visited the production site, specifically visited the "dual-mode" project team, ask "dual-mode" of production management and progress of the implementation, and Jihua 3506 In "dual mode" of production in some good practice affirmed. She pointed out that "dual-mode" of production is an advanced production management, the implementation of "dual-mode" project, help enterprises to improve production efficiency and product quality, and promoting enterprise management upgrade. She encouraged the company to continue to promote the "dual-mode" of production management, to build a high-quality, high-quality, high standards of workforce.
Meanwhile, secretary Li Jihua Knitting Co. Message Hubei leadership, should emancipate our minds, clarify ideas, to seize the key focus breakthrough; second, according to Liu Mingzhong, chairman of the "three analysis, three left off" principle to enhance the company management; third party companies to establish as quickly as possible, workers, group organization, give full play to members, staff members and key role in mobilizing and organizing everything in its power to ensure the realization of goals; Fourth, we must strengthen the company's leadership team building, confidence, overcome difficulties, enhance efficiency, and promote development.
Ministers Group of party work, Liu et al. Which first accompanied by research.

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