Jihua Liaoning Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Park) is part of the 50 central enterprises, Fortune 500 companies - emerging Jihua Group Co., Ltd. belongs to Jihua Group Company Limited. Industrial Park covers an area of 2,000 acres, the total investment of 3.0 billion. Industrial Park to Jihua three thousand five hundred twenty-three Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is the parent company, was founded in 1938, has been 70 years of development. Located in Liaoning Province special vehicle production base, with CNC, laser machines and other equipment more than 1,000 units, integration of Shenyang Jihua three thousand five hundred forty-seven special harness Ltd., Liaoning Jihua three thousand five hundred twenty-three Special Equipment Co., Ltd. and other major companies registered staff of more than 1,000 people.

At present, the company's products include military equipment, special vehicles, commercial road vehicles, bulletproof protective equipment and new materials, include hundreds of products.

Military equipment includes: cooking trailers, self-cooking vehicles, field ambulances high mobility, health and epidemic prevention vehicles, medical vehicles, artillery comprehensive maintenance trailers, self-propelled artillery maintenance vehicles, water tankers, water vehicles, field equipment unit supplies, field tableware, multi-function shelter, stainless steel products;

Special vehicles include: armored personnel carriers, card spot check vehicles, mobile police platform, patrol scene investigation vehicles, trenches trackless transport trucks, mixer, camping cars, cooking police cars, riot command vehicles, communications command vehicle, frontier command vehicles, bulletproof attack trucks, refrigerated trucks, explosion-proof tank, dynamite truck, Western cars, financial support vehicles, anti-narcotics inspection vehicles, chemical cars, solar water vehicles, forest fire vehicles, Gold, sea lions, according to Vick, cheetah other vehicles and other bulletproof banknote;

Business Motorhomes include: cars, commercial vehicles;

Bulletproof protective equipment and new materials include: hard soft bulletproof helmet, paratrooper helmet, picket helmet, several types of models of explosion-proof helmets, military helmets, police helmets, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof shield (portable, wheeled, explosion-proof bunker , soft, etc.), multi-level body armor (hard and soft, floating, insert plate, etc.), stab-resistant clothing, camping tents military, military mosquito nets, military tents, civil tents, ironing board, washbasin (folding, plastics), bucket (folding, plastic), a variety of plastic parts;

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